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    Car rental Haida Gwaii

    Hello I'm looking for ideas or info on renting vehicle on Haida Gwaii . I've priced out through budget, Enterprise etc. But their prices are very expensive. I talked to island car rental which has very reasonable prices but they are rent out for time I will be on the island . Im wondering if...
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    Coho in the strait

    I haven't been out much this summer but can't help to notice the lack of Coho on the bite. I mostly fish green can, sentry shoal, grants area. The 2 that I did catch were off of hornby. Anyone else noticing the lack of Coho in your area?
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    Packaging possession limit

    can anyone point me to DFO link on package possession limit of salmon for travel back to my residence IE. fillet salmon do both fillets have to be attached to the tail? Thx in advance
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    Bonefish in Oahu

    well I'm lucky enough to be going to Oahu for six days in mid march. Does anyone have any info on Bonefish guides and/or places to fish. Thx Scott