KNOTS - The Spangler Knot 2017-01-30

Saltwater Knots

  1. TheBigGuy
    The Spangler Knot

    The Spangler Knot - great knot for light to very heavy test mono and Fluorocarbon lines. A very easy knot to learn and tie, very small profile, very strong. Like the Miller Knot its great strength is a result of its two passes through the hook eye and its simplicity in cinching down the knot. Seemingly properly tied knots often break because of heat generated by friction when tightening the knot. These type of knots are tiny in comparison to most knots, and because of their ease of snugging down they do not result in line burn from excessive friction.

    There are no YouTube videos on tying this knot, but the diagram should suffice because of the knots simplicity. I have posted a PDF file that can be downloaded with tying diagrams. Click the "Download Now" button to save the PDF file with full tying instructions.

    The Spangler Knot