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    The San Diego Jam Knot

    The San Diego Jam Knot - Also called a Reverse Clinch, is very popular with long range fishermen. This high test knot (95% when tied properly) can be used on many line types and sizes. Generally tying this knot in 20-25 pound mono is best with 5-7 wraps. Decrease the number of turns as the monofilament line test increases. This knot is also a great knot for spectra lines, but use at least 10 turns for spectra to avoid slippage. For braided lines you may also want to consider making two wraps through the hook eye to prevent line slippage. The knot is best snugged down by pulling slowly on the main line and tag end.

    The (single) San Diego Jam Knot already tests very highly in most knot comparison tests. Its strength can be improved upon slightly by running the line through the eye of the hook twice to form a loop exactly the same as when starting a Trilene knot. Tie the San Diego Jam Knot as normal, passing the line through the extra loop at the front of the hook after completing the wraps towards the hook.

    The San Diego Jam Knot can be made stronger yet by passing the line 3 times around the hook eye and putting the tag end through the loops. Adding 3 turns around the eye will make it difficult to cinch down the knot. I wouldn't recommend trying to learn this knot with the extra eye loops right off the hop. Practice tying and cinching down this knot in the standard manner before trying alternate methods. Once you are very comfortable tying the standard version, give the alternate versions a try.

    The Double San Diego Jam Knot can be tied if you require even more strength. It is tied exactly the same as the regular San Diego Jam Knot only the line is doubled over. The Double San Diego Jam Knot is one of the strongest knots that can be easily tied (however it is bulky and has three tag ends after trimming).

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    Double San Diego Jam Knot


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