KNOTS - The Joe Miller Knot 2017-01-30

Saltwater Knots

  1. TheBigGuy
    The Joe Miller Knot

    The Joe Miller Knot has started to become widely used because of its extremely small profile and great strength. It ties well in large test mono and fluorocarbon. This knot is one of the most highly rated knots for strength. This knot is amazingly strong for a single line knot (not doubled), and will break off almost any other knot in a direct head to head pull test.

    I have posted a PDF file that can be downloaded with tying diagrams. Click the "Download Now" button to save the PDF file with full tying instructions.

    The Joe Miller Knot is a very simple knot, but you may find it a little awkward to tie at first. The beauty of the Joe Miller Knot is that it cinches down properly every time because of its simplicity. You might find it easier to learn the Joe Miller Knot from a video. Click the link Find more info at or click below to see the knot tied by its creator on Youtube.

    Joe Miller experimented with several different versions of his knot before the final perfected version he demonstrates in the above video. A much simpler version to remember and tie is the Gulf Coast Miller knot version. It is also very strong, but does not tie as well in large test lines as his final version of the Joe Miller knot. The Gulf Coast Miller knot version is not recommended for lines above 60 lb test. A YouTube video for tying the simplified Gulf Coast Miller knot can be viewed by clicking the link below: