KNOTS - The Erwin & Reverse Trilene Knots 2017-01-30

Saltwater Knots

  1. TheBigGuy
    The Erwin Knot

    A very strong knot for mono and fluorocarbon lines. This knot is becoming very popular for extremely tough fighting Saltwater species where knot strength is essential. This knot ties well in very heavy test lines. Download the included PDF file for full tying instructions. If you do not put the tag end of the line through the top loop (opposite the hook) in the last tying step the knot will then be a Reverse Trilene Knot. Both of these knots are popular for Saltwater big game fishing in the US. This knot may look complicated, but it is not that hard to tie after a few practice attempts. It does take a bit of patience and practice to snug it down properly though. It is well worth taking the time to learn this knot as it is exceptionally strong. This is the knot I use for comparison break tests with other knots. The only knot I have found that may best this knot is the Double San Diego Jam Knot. This knot is far more compact than the DSDJK, and has only 1 tag end (not 3 like the DSDJK). This is the one knot I would recommend to learn for terminal connections if you are looking for ultimate strength with a reasonable size. This knot is becoming the go to knot for guys in the know targeting 200 plus pound big game fish.

    I have posted a PDF file that can be downloaded with tying diagrams for the Erwin Knot. Click the "Download Now" button to save the PDF file with full tying instructions. No YouTube video has been posted for the Erwin knot, so you must use the included PDF file for full tying instructions. The tying diagram below is from the downloadable PDF file. I reversed the direction of the diagram below, as I'm right handed and found the original diagram in the PDF file awkward to tie facing the opposite way.
    Erwin Knot - hook leftt.jpg

    The Reverse Trilene Knot

    I could not find a video demonstration for tying the Erwin Knot, but I did find a video demonstration of the Reverse Trilene Knot. The Reverse Trilene Knot follows exactly the same steps as the tying diagram for the Erwin Knot. However, the tag end is not put through the rear loop as the final step before cinching the knot down (as with the Erwin Knot). The Reverse Trilene Knot while not quite as strong as the Erwin knot, is less bulky and far easier to cinch down.

    The Reverse Trilene Knot