KNOTS - The Albright Special Knot 2017-01-31

Saltwater Knots

  1. TheBigGuy
    The Albright Special Knot

    There have been numerous variations of the Albright Knot developed over many years. The Albright Special is one of the best of these versions for joining Spectra to Mono or Fluorocarbon. Newer more compact knots have been developed in recent years, but few of the newer knots are as simple to tie as the Albright Special. It is an easy, strong, and extremely reliable knot for adding a top shot of Mono onto a Spectra main line. When joining Mono onto Spectra using the Albright Special I prefer to increase the wraps to 13-15 wraps for extra security against slippage. I also prefer to add an extra lock knot onto the tag end of the Spectra line, although it is not required.

    I have posted a PDF file that can be downloaded with tying diagrams. Click the "Download Now" button to save the PDF file with full tying instructions.


    Lock Knot (Optional - for extra hold)


    A YouTube tying video of the Albright Special Knot can be viewed by clicking the link Find more info at or below:

    If you click on the "Ask Questions/Get Support" button you will be taken to website with further info on tying this knot with Spectra (or click the link below). You must scroll a ways down the page for detailed spectra tying instructions.