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    Smoked Salmon brine recipe wanted - without soya sauce

    My method is very similar to River Boy's method. I use 5 parts Roger's Golden Brown Sugar to 1 part pickling salt. Put 1/2 inch plus of mixture over fish in bottom of brine bucket, next layer of fish flesh down on sugar/salt mix, next layer skin down followed by another layer of sugar/salt mix...
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    Anyone running a 14 smokecraft Alaskan

    Springfever: I have a 14 foot Duroboat that is rated for 25 hp. It has a 15 hp Honda on it, has floorboards, battery, and a fair bit of gear in it at all times. This boat was used for years fishing out of Sooke for salmon and also fished dozens of trips at Bamfield. The 15 is plenty loaded like...
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    Dura Boat

    I have owned a 14 foot Duroboat for almost 30 years. It has been powered by a 15 hp Honda most of its life. It has been retired to trout fishing at Cowichan Lake the last several years, still going strong. The boat was used for many years at Sooke salmon fishing and also was towed to Bamfield on...
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    Reel Cork lube

    I have been using a drop (or 2 max) of Superlube oil on my Islander and Trophy reels' corks when needed (maybe once or twice a year). This has worked fine for me. I didn't want to deal with the mess of graphite so have not tried using it. ...Rob
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    2020 Sooke Reports

    Yes. They were right beside Fraser Island towards Lamb and the marina, also between Fraser and West Bedford Island. Out yesterday and coho between Crekye Pt. and Aldridge and also Fraser to West Bedford (lots there). One wild spring at Aldridge released at side of boat (approx. 20 lbs.). ...Rob
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    2020 Sooke Reports

    Tips Caught 2 hatchery Chinook in the open area at Cheanuh on Monday (between Fraser and Lamb). One was about 7 and the other was approx. 20 lbs. There were lots of hatchery coho around as well - 60 to 70 feet on spoons. Rob
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    Pedder Bay marina

    I am moored at Cheanuh Marina now (Spirit Bay) but previously I have moored and launched for many years at Pedder Bay. Pedder has great access for good close by halibut fishing at either the Race, Constance, or the Mud Hole. There is close, easy access for chinook salmon fishing right in Pedder...
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    2020 Sooke Reports

    Nugget: The past 2 or 3 years the majority of springs in August in the Beecher Bay area are under 80 cm. I would think maybe 80% would be under the 80 cm size limit, with most of the rest up to 26 lb. and only a very few above 26 lb. ...Rob
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    Hali bait on downrigger - how do YOU do it?

    Agree with using something that will break away to attach the chum bag to your rigger. A friend used a chum bag years ago on anchor in the Victoria area (attached to rigger) and had an incident similar to Spring Fever's noted previously. A very large fish (assuming Six Gill shark or very large...
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    I'm not sure...

    Brett: Like you I used to take the little blades by the hook off my smaller Coyote spoons as some of the 3.5 came with them and some didn't. I wanted my small spoons the same. I leave them on now if they come with the spoon and they don't seem to hurt the spoon success, not sure if they help...
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    22' double eagle, will a 200hp outboard be enough????????

    There are several 20 foot double eagle hardtops that have been podded at the marina I fish out of. They are all running 140 hp or 150 hp 4-stroke outboards and appear to have adequate power. Your 22 foot should be o.k. with 200 hp judging by how the 20's perform with 150 hp. ...Rob
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    Herring Aid Hoochie!

    Gibbs has Herring Aide hootchies in the 8 inch halibut size which look good, a couple friends were given lots to try/test. Not sure if they are available to purchase yet. Don't know about regular salmon hootchie availability. ...Rob
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    DFO Survey on SRKW measures

    This looks like the same survey I completed and sent in a month or two ago. I put in lots of comments in sections that warranted them and also gave contact info if they wanted to contact me back. I have heard nothing. ...Rob
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    Victoria pub night

    Thanks for arranging the Saturday get together, got to meet a few new people and re-connect with some others. ...Rob
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    WTB Islander Paddle Handles For MR Reels

    The Shimano paddles are rubber whereas the Islander ones are delrin. I had Shimano rubber paddles on my Trophy reel, they were nice but I wore out 2 sets completely in less than 3 years (paddle pulling off post). I switched to Islander posts and paddles a couple years ago, way more solid feel...