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    Killer Whale - Salmon Strategy

    Always have enjoyed a bit of whale tail!
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    2017 Alberni Inlet

    Sproat River Fish Camera - Sockeye been heading upriver steady for a week or so now
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    2017 Nanaimo Reports

    Big ling and a 70cm spring for me saturday. Cop car 150 feet for the salmon. Fabulous day on the water
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    Cleaning gear.

    I use the dishwasher, put spoons and such in the bit where the utensils go
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    Underwater footage

    Best thread ever!
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    2017 Nanaimo Reports

    Yes, I was back at the launch around 10 and saw lots of catching out there between 7 and 9. Unfortunately I was only able to find shakers.
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    2017 Nanaimo Reports

    Caught some shakers today but nothing worthwhile. Others seemed to be doing very well and there were limits at the ramp
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    2017 Nanaimo Reports

    Good salmon fishin out there today! 110-150 ft, cop cars and irish cream on green flashers
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    2017 Nanaimo Reports

    Headed out tommorow any recent reports on where the action is?
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    Anyone tried Proll Troll echip?

    They work great similar to a teaser but you can really use any size bait. I used them last summer for hali, with used steel downrigger cable for line off a spreader bar to roll large herring and strips of salmon belly and they were great. I dont think the echip does anything but I do like...
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    Halibut in the Saanich Inlet

    I spent a summer fishing/ targeting halibut in Saanich inlet a few years back, probably put in 10-15 days and left no potential habitat unfished. Never got a single one! There are some good lingcod holes but you will have to work your ass off to find them. My advice: launch in Sidney/Island...
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    2016 Halibut & Ground Fish Review

    did very well on hali, even a couple double headers!!
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    2016 Summer Salmon Fishing Season Review

    Overall I found the ECVI and SVI were not productive for anything other than 1-3lb baby chinook and ling. Could not keep those little buggers off. In fact, by mid May I stopped fishing ECVI and SVI cause I was worried about how many fish i was catching and possibly damaging Port Alberni...