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    2020 Sidney Reports

    They still take the shrimp that used to attract the springs.
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    Your old GPS may not handle epoch rollover April 6, 2019

    Perhaps you've been thinking of upgrading your GPS? Maybe it's time: My old handheld Garmin GPSmap76 is at risk. Last firmware update was in 2006. A note to Garmin got this reply: "Unfortunately, there's no way to know if this...
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    2018 Victoria and Oak Bay Reports

    Fuel Spill - Subarea 19-2 - Esquimalt Harbour Closure to all Fishing Continues In case anyone is out with the nice weather, one place not to fish right now is Esquimalt Harbour. Spill was almost three years ago??!! Category(s): ABORIGINAL - General Information, COMMERCIAL - General...
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    2018 Victoria and Oak Bay Reports

    Recent notice from DFO: Subject: FN1077-General Information - All Areas - Crab Multi-Sectoral Meeting - October 19, 2018 The annual Crab multi-sectoral committee meeting is being held October 19, 2018 at 9:00 a.m. at the Coast Bastion Hotel in Nanaimo. All representatives that have been...
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    2018 Victoria and Oak Bay Reports

    Sorry, I know it's a typo, but the mental image of you all "jogging" around the boat made me laugh. Best bet for jigging herring in my opinion is the Admirals Road bridge. It will get crowded at times but the weather hardly matters. As with anything, timing is important, but when the schools are...
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    BC Auction rods 'n reels to Feb 23 in Langley

    A heads up for lower mainland folks. Check BC Auction site. I've no connection to them and have never bought through them, but know people who have.
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    Fish Farm trouble in BC.

    I have no idea what you folks all read to become informed on the topic of marine conservation and management on the west coast. Certainly the subject is about more than just salmon, key as they may be to the overall debate. Here's a link to a post by D.C. Reid that imho is worth a look. He has...
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    SRKW and their prey, be very concerned!

    Local SFAC Meeting Nov 22, 7 pm: Orcas and fisheries on agenda Wednesday, Nov 22 at 7 pm, at the Esquimalt Anglers boat ramp, 1101 Munro St., Esquimalt If you're local to the Victoria area, please attend.
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    2017 Victoria and Oak Bay Reports

    I think you have to consider the genes involved. Unless they're selecting for large fish at the hatchery, you'll get a mix across the population that corresponds to the contributing parents' sizes. A few years back, it appears, such an approach was taken on the inside - Quinsam? I don't know...
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    2017 Sooke Reports

    My read of the latest update to restriction here shows wild coho daily limit of 1 piece. That table at the top of the salmon tab says wild coho 0/0/0 - daily/possession/annual - for both areas 19 and 20. The restrictions show DFO...
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    2017 Victoria and Oak Bay Reports

    Sadly, might be needing to know this soon. Courtesy DFO website.
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    2017 Victoria and Oak Bay Reports

    From the May minutes of the ACS BC: Gary CATON reported on the meeting held April 27 between Esquimalt Anglers and DFO to review the reasons for DFO rejecting an EAA proposal for a chinook netpen at Ogden Point this year. Attending were David Willis (DFO-hatchery enhancement), Dale Desrochers...
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    2017 Victoria and Oak Bay Reports

    Fish on waterfront today. Took a 12 # off the breakwater at 7:30, 55 ft deep, clear teaser head with green stripe. Broke the teaser head when bonking the fish. :-( Took a 20 # at 8:30 off Macauley, 65 ft deep, army truck teaser head. Using Betsy Gold flashers both sides. Saw at least two other...
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    2017 Victoria and Oak Bay Reports

    Wind stayed away, so a nice day on the water today. Worked Clover Point in close. Lost two springs, one 10 - 12, the other 8-9, near the boat. Landed a third about 8 #, nice red hatchery male with a few small - 2 1/2 inches or so - bait in him. Pretty steady bite for these from 11-ish to 11:45...
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    2017 Victoria and Oak Bay Reports

    On the water just after 5 am. Trolled from Clover Point west past the flagpole. Picked up and moved to Ross Bay. Sounder showed bait, no big fish. About 7:20 just east of Clover Point, 50 ft or so in about 90 ft of water, got a gentle, strong take. Well hooked and strong fish. Took me over 20...