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    2020 Winter Harbour Reports

    Tried at Kains today before wind made it unfishable (totally opposite from the forecast this morning). Ended up picking up a nice teener & a pair of feisty coho at Cliffe pt. Took a pass around Koskimo Bay to see if the coho were in there yet, and they're not.
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    Boat For Sale

    Here's a link to my centre console boat for sale. Style similar to the campion centre consoles, but a deeper V. Totally rigged out for fishing. HMU if you have Q's. Boat is located in Port Hardy, but will consider delivering to south island.
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    2018 Port Hardy Reports

    Saw a long line getting set out front of the airport on Tuesday.
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    Item Sold, Please Delete

    Item Sold, Please Delete
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    2018 Port McNeill, Telegragh Cove Reports

    Fished today at Hardy, and all the Sund's Lodge (Sointula) boats were here. Guess it must be slow in McNeill.
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    How Tasty Is Your Bait?

    Funny story, i came home from work & the wife was cooking up the salmon belly strips i intended for halibut.
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    2018 Port Hardy Reports

    Out yesterday at Duval from 730-10am. 3 springs to the boat between 8-14lbs. Saw lots of action in other boats. Didn't have any luck with the ho's, only a couple of shaker springs too.
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    Can't post a link, but it's in this group. Seller is from Alert Bay. I'm not trying to input any bias about FN selling food fish.
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    More 'fresh halibut' for sale on North Island facebook pages.
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    2017 Winter Harbour Reports

    Coho starting into the marble/rupert & a few in CH proper @spring fever However, regs still at 2 pp pd right now. Didn't get upped to 4 like previous years on Sept 1.
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    Wtb shimano convergence tips

    If the oval sticker above the cork is below the lacquer, it's a lifetime warranty.
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    Trolling methods for pinks

    Lil pink squirt 36in behind the flasher. Or when casting into them, I use the petite pink buzz bomb with a trimmed pink squirt hoochie between the bumper & hook.
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    2017 Winter Harbour Reports

    I highly doubt Stephen ck are in yet. They're usually 1st week of sept. I may run out that way tomorrow to take a look.