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    2020 Vancouver-Howe Sound-Sechelt Reports Thread

    When I was a lad, I fished there regularly with my dad. It was known as rhe coppermine.
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    2019 Nanaimo Reports

    I think there are a lot more interesting questions than weight. Where do they come from? What are they eating? What is eating them? Do they have a vaible habitat to return to and reproduce? Big fi$h are exciting, but way sown my list of what is important
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    Hello Bobby I have an older Si-tex T150 unit. If you are still looking give me a call or text me at 250 616 8087
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    2018 Nanaimo Reports

    Like meny others I am catching a lot of coho, most un-clipped My strategy has been to fish big plugs fast and deep. I hate driving big hooks into those beautiful fish and hoping they survive. How many of the hatchery coho are clipped? I have heard funding prevents them from marking them all.
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    2018 Nanaimo Reports

    All alone outside entrance reef for the low slack. Hard to find a legal ling, so fished the outside 160 ft contour with 190 ft of string out. One good fish around 20, then nada. Big green and blue hoochie .
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    2018 Nanaimo Reports

    Did well in the deep east of Entrance today. Plugs and spoons with 220 ft of string out. Released many just legal waiting for smiley. She never came .
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    stern flat steering wheel??

    Hello Wolf I am looking for a 1.7 c in helm pump to put in a rear steering station if that is what you have and if it is still available. Thanks Dave
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    2016 Nanaimo Reports

    I agree that there is the odd fish off Nanaimo, but this is not the middle of May we have seen the past few years. I fished the morning tide and right through to sunset yesterday, from Snake to Lantzville. Not a lot of feed showing on my sounder. Hit a couple up on the border of the forbidden...
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    2016 Nanaimo Reports

    Spent Friday morning off the Fingers - starvation until I went out really deep. Got two about 10 lbs in 1000 ft around low water. Green hoochie and small green Tomi spoon. Large herring in them. Great weather.
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    2015 Nanaimo Reports

    Got a nice 15 lb white spring on the mid-day tie change at Thrasher. Nothing remarkable until my buddy palmed his brand new trophy reel on its first run and both the handles of the reel few off. After the surprise he brought it to the boat by turning the spool with his forefinger. No danger of...
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    What to do with white spring

    I think they are great sauteed in a medium hot pan of butter (or duck fat if you are lucky) infused with fresh thyme. Remember there is one sin God will not forgive - overcooking fish. Goes double for white spring.
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    Sockeye in JDF

    I have heard of a run of sox to lake Washington about now. Early Stuarts are noted for hugging the shore at Sooke . Mostly smaller fish but I have seen the odd big one.
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    squid in Barkley Sound

    Hello Smiley Many years ago I was anchored in Mayne Bay and noticed a large school of opal squid under a fairly bright light over the stern. We had no nets or jigs, but my wife managed to catch them with a kitchen sieve tied on the end of a pole- they were thick. I imagine that a fine mesh...
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    Nanaimo Area

    Thrasher this evening Outside Thrasher was good this evening on the tide change. 3 1/2 in coyote in a faded sort of army truck pattern (don't know the name) was working at 130 ft. Saw some nice looking arches at 50 ft but could get no bites on them.
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    Gulf Islands 2012

    I gave the out side of Porlier, south for a mile of so, a good rub yesterday from the mid morning through the slack tide. Needed to watch for 7 inch juvenile chinook attacking my 4 inch anchovies, but was rewarded by a 20 lbs male red spring at 120 ft, just before the tide change. Not much on...