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    Win $20,000 in Gold & Support The Sooke Chinook Sea Pen Project

    Is this tax deductable ?? love to put all my yearly contributions here !!
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    Old g loomis mooching rods

    Any one have old ones they want to part with ??
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    Win $20,000 in Gold & Support The Sooke Chinook Sea Pen Project

    How will i hide a gold bar from my wife ?? and does Trotac accept gold lol !!
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    Blue Islander TR3

    Im late lol have you sold this ?
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    Blue Islander TR3

    dumb question !!! have you noticed anything different than an mr3 ???? is it lighter ?? thanks
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    2020 Victoria and Oak Bay Reports

    i might be wrong but the tides last week were not for hali s !!!! maybe just the turn if you are really experienced !! but seemed way too hot !!!! let me know please
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    Are trap buoys without names free game?

    always label mine but still get stolen
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    Are trap buoys without names free game?

    leave them alone !!!!! some guy pulls up and your taking his trap your going to be in big trouble !!! you may think your doing the right thing but if i caught someone with my traps it would not be pretty !! ive had alot stolen
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    My buddy Ted Hanson

    Sad to report my good friend Ted Hanson has suffered a serious stroke on the weekend and is in pretty bad shape !! Teds alife long fisherman on the south coast and barkley sound his whole life ! Ted was also a tireless volunteer at the goldstream and nitnat hatcheries on the coast for many...
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    Chinook 2020

    We - fisherman at the recreational level are in big trouble ! period - hate to admit it but we are at the bottom of the food chain in the salmon world !! may sound crazy but i think we would be better off getting the Bloc Quebecois to help us fight for our rights to fish !! Liberals...
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    Octuna in San Diego

    OUCH !!!!!!!!!
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    Octuna in San Diego

    Christ he s a monster !!!! fish are big too lol
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    2019 Campbell River Reports

    Inside the boundary !!!! NICE !!!!!!! conservation yup !