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    2018 Campbell River Reports

    Just back from green see bay. Left discovery marine 6::00 AM 20 ft. Trophy little bumpy going up. water nice when arrived. Left at noon with one 17lb. red spring and two sockeye. Watch out for commercial nets. Cheers and Good luck
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    2018 Port McNeill, Telegragh Cove Reports

    4 springs 15 - 20 lbs. no coho seen
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    2018 Port McNeill, Telegragh Cove Reports

    Good luck Toba. I will be at telegraph cove the following week end for 1 week. Looking for any reports. Cheers
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    2018 Port Hardy Reports

    Any fish showing up Port Hardy way. Will be in Telegraph Cove last week in June.
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    Flasher or Not

    When using a spoon like a skinny G do you use a flasher or not. If so what length between the flasher and the spoon. Cheers
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    Bait Brine

    Any suggestions on a good course salt bait brine for anchovies. CHEERS
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    Chum Fishing

    Have never fished for Chum salmon just wondering if you fish the same tackel as for springs or coho. CHEERS
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    Telegraph Cove

    Back from telegraph cove weather good little fog early morning blue skies by noon. 3 springs largest 25 lbs. all over at malcolm. Large balls of bait showing up. Picked up 1 halibut 67 lbs. ( 131 cm ) down at Baronet. Will be back there July 28 - Aug. 2
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    Telegraph Cove

    Will be arriving June 25th staying on the boadwalk for 1 week any reports on the fish showing up and the prawn situation with the commercial opening. Thanks
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    Telegraph Cove

    Will be arriving Thursday to Tuesday staying on boardwalk 11A. Wife and I like to fish the morning till noon then clean up and start happy hour. Cheers
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    Telegraph Cove

    Any reports from Swanson and craycroft. Have the coho showed up around telegraph. Heard Malcolm has had some good morning bites. Cheers
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    Telegraph Cove

    17' whaler center console 90hp merc 9.9 merc kicker Tight lines
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    Telegraph Cove

    Fished donegal, the slide and black bluff
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    Telegraph Cove

    Back from telegraph cove last week 16 nice springs and 4 hal between 4 of us weather was great. Will be back July 30 till Aug. 4 any new reports for telegraph. Have the pinks moved in. Cheers
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    North island reports

    17 ft. Whaler centre console Cheers