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  1. Gear'n'beer!
    Gear'n'beer! gksea
    Hey I am looking for a spare hali reel.....however I would take the works or just a reel. located in vic

  2. sweettjim
    just joined today fishing has been hit or miss prawning has been excellent
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    2. Tightlines22
      Hi there,
      I am thinking about heading out for some prawns on Monday. Have you been catching them on the mainland side or near Van Island?
      Feb 24, 2018
  3. reelendealen
    reelendealen chinnok
    I think i have a leg that will work for you. You can have the whole motor. i stripped all the electronics off it and have no use for the rest of it. theres a stainless prop guard on it also. I will check the length of the leg tomorrow and get back to you. I think $150 is a good price for the whole engine.
    1. chinnok
      call me at 604 805 7685, were are you located.
      Feb 22, 2017
    2. reelendealen
      hey sorry i forgot about the motor. I am located in Duncan. I believe its an extra long but might be a long shaft. sorry forgot to check length. 250 701-2138
      Feb 22, 2017
  4. Swag Swinger
    Swag Swinger
    Any info is much appreciated.
  5. Swag Swinger
    Swag Swinger
    New BC Resident. Looking for some known location with the lower mainland area.
  6. willydw
    willydw NootkaFisher
    Can you send pictures to willydw16@ I live in Nanaimo. Is your boat a hardtop. Thanks Danny
  7. lucher14
    wishin I was fishin
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  8. Fish Finder
    Fish Finder
    Victor Pross
  9. sir-vivor
    Nothing concrete yet, are u interested?
  10. expertfisher780
    expertfisher780 sir-vivor
    Just wondering if you have filled your spot yet
  11. Jug Addict
    Jug Addict sly_karma
    Hi Im Peter from Lighthouse Lures I just had some swimbaits made that might interest you. Send me an email to and I can send you some pics. The are 2.5oz and 6.25 inches long and a smaller version of 5.25 and 2oz.

  12. the fog ducker
    the fog ducker Brian Reiber
    re traps
    hi , i'll take 4 if ya have a few still good ones left ,
    i use longer ropes , all gd on that end , live on como lake and blue mountain
    1. Brian Reiber
      Brian Reiber
      I'm over on the island Felix. Any chance your coming over any time soon.
      Jan 26, 2017
  13. Sandy Purdon
    Sandy Purdon
    The Best Alternative to Boat Ownership
  14. booters
    Prior member but havent posted for ages. Lived and fished out of Sooke before relocating to the Okanagan
  15. why knot
    why knot spring fever
    Hi There,
    I red one of your old post you were talking about living in Mexico. If I remember well you said you have a property down. If you are the one can you let me know.
    I am planning to get some property and like to ask some details, help,
    Istvan from why knot
    1. spring fever
      spring fever
      yes I own a house in Los Barriles Baja and spend 5 to 6 months here. How can I help . Mike
      Jan 17, 2017
    2. why knot
      why knot
      Hi Mike, thanks for answering, would like to buy a house down there and we have so many questions as to the logistics of it all. I'm a bit dismayed at the prices and the stories I have heard of buying in Mexico. Is there any way we can skype and you can help me out with this? My skype name: istvan bindisch
      Jan 18, 2017
    3. spring fever
      spring fever
      Skype does not work well with me but I would be pleased to talk at you on magic jack. Here is my number 1-250-999-4851 it is a Victoria number so if you are there you may not need the 1. We are 1 hour ahead of you so don't call after 9pm your time as I won't hear the ph. I;m around all day tomorrow ripping apart a boat trailer. Mike
      Jan 18, 2017
  16. northvancb
    North Van fishing addict
  17. ILHG
    Rip some lips
  18. Willow-Bee
    Home-built 24 foot , normally with grandson & friends. Come from long line of west coast fishermen and boat builders.
  19. Powerguy
    Powerguy LIVELINES
    You busy working or fishin?
  20. Bret