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We offer several online advertising opportunities on two sizes of banner ads -- the Leaderboard and the Big Box, text and graphic ads, and a Featured Lodge package. Please review our the options below. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

SFBC Tripleheader Bundle


  1. SFBC Newsfeed and Profile Page (includes twice-monthly content updates) 
  2. Text and Graphic Link in our Fishing Adventures or Fishing Products section
  3. Two Leaderboard Ads

To that end, we have designed this package to help bring your product or service to our highly targetted audience, while we handle the responsibilities of managing your investment. Here are some of our key site metrics:

  • Over 59,000 visitors viewing almost 500,000 pages per month
  • 8.5 pages per visit with a duration of almost 7:00 mins
  • Targetted local audience with 95% of all visitors coming from British Columbia 

Components of this package will include the SFBC Newsfeed and Profile Page, 2 leaderboard ads, text and graphic link in our Fishing Adventures or Fishing Products section, and twice-monthly content updates. The total value of these options is $6794.00 annually, or $566.00 per month. We're offering the entire package for $399.00 per month annually, or $499.00 per month for a 6-month commitment.

For resort and charter operators, we can also handle ongoing sales of your available dates through our SportfishingBC Trips program. We charge $150.00/person/trip for all sales generated through our efforts.

What you can expect:

  • SFBC Newsfeed and Profile Page: when marketing, it's critical that you continually reach out to your audience with new information on your product or service. Twice each month we'll hound you for photos, videos, and reports about events at your operation. This information will be posted on our home page in the Newsfeed, posted to your Profile Page, posted in our forum, and posted to ours (and your) social media accounts.
  • Leaderboard ads: these banners are front and centre in those areas of our site most relevant to your business. We'll work with you to develop a new graphic each month in order to keep your messaging fresh. We'll track click-through counts to determine the most effective type of messaging, and work with you to determine the appropriate landing pages for those ads.
  • Text and Graphic Ads: frequently the first stop for SFBC visitors searching for product information, our Fishing Adventures and Fishing Products pages will carry graphic and text introducing them to your business. Here again we'll track and adjust your messaging as with your leaderboard ads.

In the end, it's all about refreshing your messaging on an ongoing basis in order to attract the attention, interest, and business of those thousands of folks visiting every day, week and month of the year. Running your business takes all your time. We'd like to spend ours bringing folks to your door.


Pricing Options

The Newsfeed


A powerful new way for you to speak to our visitors

Each day over 3000 unique visitors access our site. In 2014, this will translate to over 11 million page views.

To date, our advertisers have had to rely on their ads being effective enough to entice this traffic to visit their sites. While this traditional advertising remains effective, we now offer another tool that enables them to speak to our visitors as often as they wish, directly from our home page. continues to enjoy primary placement on Google and every other major search engine. Our site appears front and center of any search for information regarding angling in British Columbia.

Effectively, our newsfeed represents our redesigned home page. Through it, you'll be able to post stories, graphics and/or videos on events at your lodge, special rates for your product, new product launches, exceptional or unusual catches and every other newsworthy item in your business.

What does this mean to you? Your business will now enjoy prime position on the home page of the most heavily-trafficked B.C. sportfishing site on the internet.

What else? Each of your posts in our newsfeed will link directly to your own Profile page. See an example Profile page here. Here all your posts will be listed and archived. As well, you'll have ample room to describe your business, a link to your website, your own photo and video gallery and a big box ad space. All these features........just one click away from our home page.

How do I use the newsfeed?

As an advertiser, you'll be provided your own secure access to that area of our site that hosts your profile page and enables you to post your updates as often as you wish. Initially, we'll assist you with this process while training you on the easy steps required to use the system.

The Newsfeed is social media at it's most effective. You, speaking directly to an audience qualified as sportfishers in their interest in your sportfishing-related often as you want to.

What you get:

  1. Access to the SFBC news feed (limit of two postings per day)
  2. Feature text link on the SFBC Home page
  3. A Text & Graphic Link on our Fishing Adventures or Fishing Products pages
  4. Your own Profile page with dedicated big box banner ad, company profile including link to your website, a 500-word description of your company, a list of your news articles, your own photo and video galleries—all social media capable. 

Pricing Options

Text & Graphic Link


Cost: Text link ad with graphic - $49.95 / month for 6 months. Two months free on a 12-month commitment.

Text links appear in an area that's pertinent to your business. Your listing includes a photo (dimensions: 200 x 200 pixels), a link to your website, and up to 400 characters for descriptive text (approx. 50 words).


Pricing Options

Home Page Billboard Ad


Sportfishing BC home page billboard ad (600 x 250 pixels). Maximum number of three ads in this spot.


Pricing Options

Leaderboard Ad


Cost: $200.00/month

Banner Dimensions: 728 x 90 pixels

Our large, prominent "Leaderboard" ad placement on the website. This package gives you exposure on our busiest pages, which get more than 100,000 pageviews per month.

BONUS: Commit to a 12-month program and receive an additional placement on a select page of your choice free of charge. Purchase for 12 months and pay for only 10!


Pricing Options

Big Box on Home Page


Cost: $200.00/month

Banner Dimensions: 300 x 250 pixels

Our Big Box package offers an high-visibility ad placement position on our Home page, the busiest page on our website. Month after month, you will benefit from over 50,000 pageviews.


Pricing Options