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  1. noluck

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    yes been a performance diesel mechanic for alot of years (makes sense why a cummins is going in my boat). yes the added fuel to make the regen happens cracks #8 and #7. it is very likely the cracks started before it was deleted, and finally had a complete failure, the other way to have a failure is a injector sticks open, that generally opens a hole through a piston v/s cracking it
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    I've read but no first hand experience that the material on the crown is super thin. Supposedly one of the first things people do before serious performance mods is to modify or replace the pistons, AKA a known weakness.
  3. dmurph

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    I did the mods when I bought the truck to hopefully prevent this sort of thing, although I had no idea that the 6.4 was splitting pistons. As no luck said, the truck had 110k km on it when I bough it. The regen was horrible so I did the mods hoping for a long lasting motor. Now I am trying to figure out what to do. 16k roughly for a short block with 5 year warranty assuming all my parts didn't get damaged in the blow up. Last ford I ever buy. Maybe last diesel also doesn't make sense unless you tow lots
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    Sorry for your predicament. The difficulty is not knowing what the previous owner(s) did or didn't with the vehicle. I've had similar issues though not to that extreme with a 6.0L power stroke.
  5. dmurph

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    What I would like to do is nothing and sell the truck as is, and walk away but that's a hard sell. Without a motor I feel it's still worth 10k or more but to who. The truck was in really good shape just had all new brakes and some front end work, new tires last year. Feel I kinda just have to get another motor in it just to make it worth anything.
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    Should be able to get a better price for a rebuilt engine, then it should be 'bulletproof' whether you keep it or off load it.
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