Seastar Hydraulic Hoses

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  1. eriks

    eriks Active Member

    I'm adding a pilot to my boat this Spring, and therefore need some new hoses for my existing Seastar steering system.
    Does anyone know some local (I'm in the Lower Mainland) or even anywhere in BC, shop that will make up these 5/16" hoses to custom lengths, or do I really need to order them online from the US? It seems illogical that an original BC product has to be ordered from the US.
  2. fishin solo

    fishin solo Well-Known Member

    check new line hose and fittings

    CIVANO Well-Known Member

  4. 79 Jimmy

    79 Jimmy Member

    Greenline on Annisis Island might be worth checking out
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  5. triplenickel

    triplenickel Well-Known Member

    I just looked their website and it looks like they're either ORB or NPT depending on the version. Either are super common and available anywhere you can get hoses built.
  6. Wild Bill

    Wild Bill Active Member

    Mines done with airbrake tubing, it's just low pressure stuff. Type a airbrake good for 1000 psi. Hose less than a buck a foot, cheap fittings and cut and assemble length needed yourself.
  7. profisher

    profisher Well-Known Member

    Coast Industrial here in Victoria can make up any hose/fittings you want.
  8. Corona1986

    Corona1986 New Member

    Any marine store will have them, Inlet Marine sells the kits and installs them also.
  9. bentley

    bentley Member

    Second, Coast Industrial here in Victoria
  10. Wwunder

    Wwunder Member

    I just called Coast and they say they can't make them up any more. Any other recommendations for a place in Victoria?
  11. Reel Gone

    Reel Gone Member

    You could try New Line on Burnside across from the SPCA but not sure. What about Sherwood marine?
  12. Bait Ban

    Bait Ban Member

    Harbour Chandler stocks Seastar outboard hoses in all lengths; it is where I buy my hoses for all of my autopilot installations. You can also buy the Seastar nylon tubing and make your own hose with compression fittings, provided that the lines are secured, do not bend in a tight radius, and are not located in a high traffic area... Absolutely critical to trim the tubing flush and square, and bottom the cut end out in the male fitting before tightening the nut.

    Helms are threaded for either NPT (National Pipe Tapered)or ORB(O-Ring Boss) fittings but the hoses themselves are supplied with fittings that mate to a 3/8" "compression" male thread. The helms will have an ORB or NPT to 3/8" compression fitting adapter.. The tees for autopilot installation I've only been able to source through Seastar they are NPT or ORB male to 3/8" compression male x 2. Definitely do not thread an NPT fitting into an ORB helm.. I've had to send more than a couple helms to the machine shop for a heli-coil job because a DIY-Er got three threads in and then cranked her tight..
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