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    The SeaQualizer was initially designed targeting the Red Snapper fishery in the Gulf of Mexico. The "Standard SeaQualizer" with its release depths of 30', 50', & 70' was the answer to the Red Snapper's (and other bottom dwellers) losing battle with Barotrauma and venting tools.
    After the device was put on the market it came to light that there were many other fisheries that were suffering from the same issues that the Gulf of Mexico was facing. Fish were being brought up from depth bloated and unable to be returned all across the United States & Canada.

    The Rock Fish fishery on the West Coast of the country was the first group to come forward an approach SeaQualizer with a need for the device in their area. Rock Fish are caught at a deeper depth than the Red Snapper so that brought about the need for the "Deep Water SeaQualizer." When releasing a fish caught at depth, the fish should be returned to between 1/3 & 1/2 of the depth they were hooked to be sure safe and sufficient recompression. With release depths of 50ft, 100ft & 150ft it gives anglers fishing in up to 300ft of water to return by catch as quickly and effectively as possible.

    Everything that they have worked for with their SeaQualizer product was directed at a way to help ensure that future generations get to experience that we have experienced fishing – in our case NW ROCK FISH

    Join the movement! Start Descending!

    You can view videos & store on line.

    We at Westview Marina & Lodge feel so strongly about this product that we have purchased many of the devices for sale.

    As you will see on the SeaQualizer site they sell for $55 US Plus Shipping & Duty fees from Florida. That is $70 CA. + fees.

    We are selling these for $55 CA or approx..$40 US (our cost) plus $15 shipping anywhere in BC.

    Why are we doing this?

    Because as always “IT IS ALL ABOUT THE FISH” this time it’s Rock Fish!!

    You only need one per boat, it clips easily to your downrigger ball for descending & they are simple to operate!

    They are worth every dime of the cost to save these long lived fish. Our Guides are using them & they work!

    Call or Email Today to get you Rock Fish Saver “SeaQualizer”

    Paula at 250-934-7672 or or just stop by the tackle shop to save shipping!!


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