Cowichan River

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fishing Forum' started by winephart, Oct 17, 2016.

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    I wonder if that has too with the "issue' with the landowner that thought it was good idea to landfill one of the tributaries. I hope this isn't some of that soil going into the river. CVRD took care of it apparently :rolleyes:.

    Hopefully its just the clay bank your showing causing it. I am pretty sure that area is upstream of stoltz.
  3. CowCatcher

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    So, does anyone have a definitive answer as to what's happening at clay bank/Stoltz area? Is it washed out? Is it fishable up there again? What kind of shape is the river in?
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    Had a seal take a rainbow from me just above the 70.2 mile bridge today, I can't imagine the damage they do to steelhead sad it seems fish hardly have a chance anymore.
  5. kelly

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    I've watched them thrashing the Steelies this year. It's absolutely brutal. I'm not advocating a large seal cull but would certainly like DFO to look at the damage 3-4 overwintering seals can do to such a fragile run. Tough to watch.
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    All u guys that seen seals this year in this river or other pm ..I'll give you a ministry email contact to send a email to..they are documenting the problem and want to hear from u
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    I seen them in the creek by my house lakes road
  8. Derby

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    sent the contact info to u...just pass your details to them

    thank You
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    Has anyone been up to the upper fly only section of the river lately, and is it fishable currently? Coming over for the weekend and was hoping to hike and fish Monday +Tuesday.
  10. Carmanah

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    Lots of guys fishing it right now even with the rain we had last week, I'm sure it's worth a look.
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  11. Yes it is fishable. From stoltz down it's still dirty water but I did see fish caught over the weekend still
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  12. Burban

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    Great, thanks for the update guys.
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    I remember seeing seals up around river bottom rd in the mid 90s. Also seen a few below the Cassidy bridge on the nanaimo river last November when the salmon were running.
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    River is mighty high, hard to find fishable water in the fly only section. Water is in the trees, wading is not an option. Saw some spawning rainbows, and a big steelhead, but no bites in the few fishable pockets. Despite the really high water, visibility is great at 4-5' above the trestle.
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  15. Anyone know how the waters looking under stoltz?
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    Walked the lower river this morning and it was a muddy torrent.We had a pile of rain last night and that's all it takes to blow it out.Cant imagine it'd be any better upstream.Sorry for the bad news braydon.
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