Comox Lake Cutthroat Trout Study

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    Just a heads-up for those that fish Comox Lake. A reward is being offered for those who catch a tagged fish. This is part of a research project looking at cutthroat trout in Comox Lake. Tags are a small coloured spaghetti type tag. Anglers are requested to keep the tag in order to verify the fish that was caught. You can simply clip the tag off the fish (using nail clippers or scissors) if you wish to release the fish, or if the fish is not allowed to be harvested. There is a tag number and phone number on each tag. Simply phone in the tag number and a gift certificate to one of the local fishing shops will be provided. Some fish are tagged with high reward tags of $100.00.

    See media post below.

    Spread the word. Thanks for helping out. Cheers.
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  2. Scorpiofisher

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    Here is an example picture of a tagged cutthroat.

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    I have a friend of the family who's been fishing there for close to 70 years I'd bet, he has a cabin there. He's got pictures of fish from days of yore hanging up in that cabin that would make your hair stand on end. Some real beauties. I will pass the word to him.
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    Went to comox lk. 231 5 at 242 .Fought strong and upon getting hook out one picture .He was a wiggly one ,as he swam away I said "theres a tag in the dorsal".On belief my friend checked zoom on camra picture and showed me .I ask did I just catch a 7# unicorn? Tagged_Fish_2_17_2018.png Tagged_Fin.jpg
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    How in heck can you read the # of the tag in the slot frame of time too release a fish ? My lotto ticket is still out their unclaimed as of today. First fish from that body of water since november .Seen others catch fish in that time not me.good luck everyone who tries .today a 14' boat would have a hard time getting back from crooked legs riv.

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