Candied Salmon

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    The original Gummy Bear Style...

    A good Buddy called a short spell ago, wondering if he could talk me into running off a batch of salmon candy.
    Tried to get him to go with the Cranberry Sweet Thia version, but NOPE!
    HAS to be the maple-honey "Gummy Bear" stuff.
    Long process, expensive, and been just long enough since I made it I said... SURE... why not...

    So, as the original post of this version has long since gone the way of the Dodo, I figured I'd run it up for anyone interested once again...

    In this case we actually went with a mix of coho, red and white springs.
    All caught offshore, vac sealed and flash frozen...

    Thawed the frozen salmon just enough to cut. Works a tad better to make what we're looking for when there are still ice crystals through it. Ripped the hides, pulled all the bones, and cut into strips.

    The brine was made the same morning, and given a spell to blend while we were cutting..


    1 gallon of water
    1/2 cup of coarse salt
    4 Kg's of Demerra Sugar
    4 cups of real maple syrup
    4 Kg's of pure honey (melted)
    1/2 cup lemon juice

    Place the strips into the brine and let it do it's thing.
    Occasionally stir gently.


    The strips can sit in brine as little as 24 hours, but double that is better when you can keep it cold.

    Prep the grills with a GOOD shot of BarBee Pam, and set them up on your drying table.
    Do NOT rinse the salmon strips when they come out of the brine.

    Lay each strip out on the grill such that they don't touch each other (or they WILL glue to each other).


    Set the loaded grills up under your fans, keep the air temp chilly, and dry them puppies out some...


    In this particular case, with the relative humidity right up there and temperatures on the chilly side, we ran the fans for 48 hours before being happy with their progress. Can take a fair bit shorter when the conditions are different. What you are looking for is the translucent gummy bear look...


    Now it's time for a visit to the preheated smoker.
    Once the product hits, I like to keep it medium low for this kind of candy.
    A combination of 50/50 Apple / Alder chips gives an almost "velvety" finish.



    My big stainless smoker usually runs a full load of chips up at medium temperatures in three hours.


    I generally give it that first shot, then have a look to decide if it needs a little more. Again, cooler days meant just that. In all cases this time around, 6 hours was just about perfect. The strips shrink down a fair bit, but if you've done your job right, they are still translucent, and indeed have the texture of a Salmon Gummy Bear!


    Was right pleased the sun made an appearance to help highlight the show!


    To finish I suggest letting sit in a cool place for 24 hours in larger ziplocks or some type of container. That allows the product to "settle" and the consistency to become... well... consistent.


    Been a busy few days.
    My taste buds Love me at this point, as does those of everyone who has tried it again...
    My ever blossoming belly... well... not so much. :D

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    Cool stuff Nogs thx for sharing this. I'm going to give it a try this spring when things warm up out here. If they ever warm up again.
  3. IronNoggin

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    Last Load done and packaged (meaning HIDDEN!)


    Red Spring:


    White Spring (as in Snowball!)




    Time to sample... ;)

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    have you posted the cranberry sweet thai recipe before? if not care to share ?
  5. IronNoggin

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    That recipe is not on this machine, but I do have it written down somewhere...
    Will post once I find it...

  6. IronNoggin

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    Found It.

    This is the original we developed.
    I would go with a little less of the Cranberry juice to make a slightly thicker brine.

    Tangy this one...

    8 - 10 liters White Cranberry Juice
    1.5 cups coarse salt
    4 bags Demerra Sugar
    1 full bottle Roasted Garlic & Red Pepper Spice
    1.5 Liters Thai Sweet Chili Sauce
    1/4 cup soy sauce.

    Simple. Brined to 48 hours, dried for 8, then slow smoked for another 8 - 10 hours (low heat).


    Marvelous candy flavour with a distinctly tangy after-taste.
    A new WINNER! [​IMG]


    EDIT TO ADD: I think this recipe would work very well with strips (as above) and / or smaller chunks.

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