Alouette Lake Kokanee

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    Beauty day, 5-6 other boats out there. Including 3 guys in a 12 foot jon boat that had about 4" of free board way up in the a narrows, brave souls.

    Lucky it was a very calm day by any standard, let alone there was no typical afternoon blow up out there. They said they got one kokanee by the first set of pilings across from the launch.

    I only managed this little rainbow, with a couple bites here and there. Rainbow was taken with a Luhr Jensen Shoehorn (#1573) with a 24" leader to an all pink wedding band with small piece of UV brined shrimp.

    No thermocline established, water was 5-6 degrees C, ~41F. Couple weeks of warm weather to go yet.

    That said I will be out next week (might try Pitt instead) for the early spring/first run of the year shake down on my boat.

    rainbow.jpg IMG_20180212_152422.jpg
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    Nice report
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