2017 Victoria and Oak Bay Reports

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    Of course its true any fishing removes fish, but the point being made by several posters (and look at the reports from other areas - they are all the same) at this time of year the majority of fish caught (often the vast majority - (80%+) are undersized and have to be returned. There are lots of studies on mortality, and its estimated sport caught mortality on release is about 12% short term, and another 5% in delayed mortality. And that is assuming the fish are handled properly, I'm sure there are lots that are close to size that get to flop around on deck for a while to be measured, and not every fisherman handles their undersized fish optimally. So for every 5 shakers you catch there is probably at least 1 that doesn't make it assuming you handle them with care. This means there is a lot more overall mortality right now than later in the season when most catches are above the size limit, and therefore less shakers are returned. The mature fish are already targetted when they are returning to spawn, so its not an either or situation.
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    I will say that using a single barbless hook, a shaker is very easily released with a gaff.
    The fish we release swim away 99% of the time unharmed.
    As this is a reports thread, this commentary should be moved to the conservation forum.
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    I think the baby salmon don’t survive that well from my 30 plus years of guiding.
    I’m sure that my opinion on this subject won’t be too popular with a lot of people and I can accept that but beating up on babies trying to weed some keepers is no different than trying to catch a hatchery coho amongst a school of wild ones.
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    Again, merely an ethical aspect. Absolutely meaningless and inconsequential for the health of salmon stock when you consider the miniscule fishing effort during the winter. You want to leave small fish alone? Here is your chance, so find a bigger fish to fry! This topic is not worth it in view of the big issues at hand!
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    Guys its hunting season, what's fishing? Ha ha

    Did get my best laker while up north this year, 26 lbs estimated as I released in water. I still say we MUST be united to be allowed to continue to fish. Way to many groups want our sport fish, lets stick together.

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    I wonder if everyone is afraid to post or if no one is fishing? With this beautiful calm weather I hope some people are getting out and enjoying it. I hope to at least get out once while this weather is good. I would like to know where might be the best fishing spot to find 2 keepers and head home without having to release too many puppies? I might just try fishing without hooks so I can be fishn. Is there anywhere out front to set prawn traps or do I need to go to Brentwood? Thanks for and information
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    heard fishing has been good...most likely a little gun shy.. I say to all post away an enjoy the winter the winter fishery :)
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    Local waters seem to be holding more undersize Chinook.
    Was out on Sunday and released 3.
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    I picked up a 4 lb’er on Tuesday morning trolling from Esquimalt towards Albert Head, near the freighters that are/were out there. Near the bottom in 120 ft on No Bananas spoon. It got a little windier and choppier than I expected tho.
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    Was out off flag pole to clover point from 11-3 today. Got a small one at 11am on bait near the bottom at the flag then at 2pm got a nicer one 10 lb off clover point also on bait near the bottom. Was about 6 boats out and I think a few fish caught. Both were red wild females with 6in needlefish in the bellies. Seen a few boats coming in from the bank and would like to know how things are going out there.
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    Constant s was to rough us for the first 2 hours. Clover point lovingly wether but not love.

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