2017 Nootka Sound/Esperanza Inlet Reports

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  1. savy

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    all the boat were moving to esperanza new Nooka lodge since the good fishing was at the guitar and whale tale I know I was doing that trip everyday also for the last week I was there getting limit for customer before 09:30 am on average salmon 25 lb this is why not many Nooka adventure boat were fishing local.
  2. savy

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    what got me the most was the cut plugger parking themselft at critical point and making everybody going around them so as it got busy with more boat it made the boat turn wider so it had direct effect on patend troll so there were not a line to troll anymore and has you said than one boat would come x side way and cut everybody off what a mess it was this year.
  3. savy

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    sorry but I totally disagree with you there every chance that the weather was good I was out there and I always find my limit of spring salmon in a very short time than give more time to fish bottom and size were much better since average were around 25 lb and as usual I was fishing right on the bottom so very few teen fish. so my costumer were very happy and when home with their limit on everything they could take home.
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  4. savy

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    totally small spoon 3.5 is better say hi to Larry and Shirley for me crab gear will work if you put it on the left side as you leave Tuta and than drop you gear right there for salmon and troll to the point and make circle around Tuta marina and than do the beach on the way to camel rock but as soon as you get to the first reef right after the beach come back you do not have to camel rock and fight the crowd there got many fish on that short tack this year up to 7 spring right in front of the marina trust me you will like it even ask Larry he will tell you how many fish I got in front of him good luck and tight line
  5. codfather

    codfather Active Member

    Your welcome TipUp, I remember the days when the pink hat boys were in a lot smaller boat working hard all day at Beano.
  6. queensalmon

    queensalmon New Member

    Always loved the kelp line at Beno. Started looking for a bigger boat when they started shutting down Beno July 15. Hopefully that is over with! With the new Regs though all our ling cod holes are closed after the 15th. Any ideas? We've been wearing those pink hats for about 24 years
  7. Doubletyee

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    I was thinking of coming to Nootka sound Aug 16 to 21 but have never fished there at this time of year. Just wondering if spring fishing will still be good outside at lighthouse to Beano and if the bottom fishing will still be good outside of Bajo? Usually move boat to Barkley sound for Aug and Sept but thinking of staying put because fishing so good this year in Nootka. Any feedback greatly appreciated
  8. bones

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    Was at esperenza last week. Basically.... Shitty. You need to be out at 4-6 mile minimum. You will catch a few wild hohos there, but also a couple springs.
    The road was 40-60 kms with boat. On way out grader had his blade down. The 50 fathom line had a ton of commies looking to finish up, shows they are also slow.
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  9. General Clark

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    Was in Nootka for 8 days and did well on springs. Took back limits to the processor in Moutcha and went back out for more. Largest was 29lbs, had 5 double headers and went 8 for 10 on doubles.

    Got a rookie his 1st salmon ever at 21lbs and it kicked his but.

    Biggest ling was 27lbs and did well on bottom fish.

    It was too hot, temperature that is. Fishing was consistent and very much enjoyed the ability to relax.
  10. General Clark

    General Clark New Member

    Pics from Nootka

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  11. codfather

    codfather Active Member

    Fishing is a bit spotty for salmon the last few days. There are times when it's on and then a lull. I hope it's not a repeat of mid August blues like last year.

    Last night the gill netters were out and were given 4500 fish to take. Did anyone hear how they did?

    Good thing the weather has been good for bottom fishing.
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  12. Jackhammer

    Jackhammer New Member

  13. Jackhammer

    Jackhammer New Member

    I have been out here since Thursday noon.. We fished the beach at the monument and hooked 2 fish in 6hrs.. Biggest 21lbs.. Fished yesterday started inside at camel rock not a strike we didn't see ONE fish on in 4 hrs. Pretty sad.. Went out to the beach and hooked 5 in two hrs and then silent.. There was a constant bite there for most of the morning most fish in the teens.. Now today we put in at friendly cove at 5:30... Nothing saw two fish landed went to Beano nothing. Came back to monument.. My god have never seen it so slow.. I hope it was better inside today.. Will report again tomorrow.. Tight lines!!
  14. Fishtofino

    Fishtofino Well-Known Member

    Hooking 5 Chinooks in 2 hours sounds awesome!
  15. TipUp

    TipUp Member

    Just got back from 4 days of fishing Nootka.

    Wednesday was pretty solid for us with 4 spring landed in roughly 4 hours. Landed 2 springs at first light on Thursday but then the action slowed down into the afternoon. We headed out to the lighthouse/wash rock but no action for either salmon or bottomfish. Friday was very slow for us with not even a hit at all the usual inside spots. Saturday morning we managed to land one more spring to total seven for the trip. All fish were caught at camel rock on anchovy between 38 and 78 feet. All in all a great trip with awesome weather and as always a great stay at critter cove. Looking forward to next year already!
  16. dennisb

    dennisb New Member

    Hardly ever post here, but have valued the information. I just got back from 6 days of fishing. Frustrating was the term for the week. Hooked 19 fish and only landed 1. All the hits coming from the wall and camel. The first day and half we never got a hit. Tuesday evening we went 0 for 7 in about 2.5hrs. Not sure what we were doing wrong. All hoochies were using tandem #4/0 gamagatsu octopus hooks. All spoons I swapped the original hooks for gammy siwash 4/0 as well. Either way I'm even more determined than ever. Tried some bottom fishing and my kid caught a dog fish. He thought it was a baby great white, pretty funny. Can't wait for next year.
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  17. spring fever

    spring fever Well-Known Member

    You never said-did you break off or was it a long line release??
  18. dennisb

    dennisb New Member

    One break off and the rest were long line released. Most fish we played for maybe a minute or more and then they spit the hook.
  19. Buckethead905

    Buckethead905 Member

    Not so much a gear issue I would say. Sounds to me like perhaps they are spitting the hook when getting to the head-shaking stage after the first long run. It's important at that stage of the fight to keep a little more tension on the fish. They're not actually needing any line to swim, seeing as though they're almost stationary when they head-shake. The greater tension allows your rod to do what it was intended for and absorb the shock of the head shake. Any slack during that time will usually end in a lost fish. Rarely are fish lost while making a run due to the fact that backwards tension is always being maintained. Just my two cents.
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  20. 208 Adv

    208 Adv New Member

    Fished Friday and Saturday - slow as mentioned.

    3 Chinook on Friday (Cooptee) and Saturday no luck. Hardly saw any nets out on Saturday.

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