2017 Nanaimo Reports

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    Smokin Reels Derby Champ
    What an impressive effort he put forth...congrats!

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    Hi guys,
    I'm headed over for a fish hopefully Tuesday, gonna take a buddy and his relatives from Ontario out to wet some lines. I fish sechelt side a lot but have no experience on the Nanaimo side. Can you guys help a fella out with some general areas that might fish ok for the day? Forecast seems decent for now and would really love to check out some new water if you guys would be cool having us on your side of the strait for a day! Thanks in advance.
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    Way to go B3! That is also my favorite spot.
    Keep up the good work.
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    Hey Paul, welcome to this side of the pond. Near Nanaimo, you can try Neck Point, Fingers Island, along Snake Island and also on the North side of Entrance Island. If you want to offer a boat rider to your guests, you can go to Trasher Rock on the other side of Gabriola. There are lots of opportunities. See you on the water.
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    That's great info, that'll get us started for sure. And thanks again you guys, we'd be happy to do the same courtesy if you fellas are over our direction. Tight lines.
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    Congrats on the last minute win! Bouncing bottom again?
  8. 1 for 3 tonight on fish that all felt in the 8-10 lb range off fingers. Small baitfish in the stomach. Been a great year for me in terms of numbers, but one of my poorest for size. A far cry from 2 seasons ago when nearly half of my keepers were 20 or larger.
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    We picked one up off Neck Point last night. Fishing 250 ft. Oil Slick hootchy. 29 inches, maybe 12 pounds. Released too other just under size. Caught them on Army Truck hootchy.
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    We fished off Neck Point last night as well. Got a couple undersized at 110 on the rigger in 130ft, Cop car spoon and green flasher. We kept seeing fish marking around the 60 foot range so range rod shallower, we had two on but lost them....Pinks??
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    We wear out off neck last night too. Three shakers. One pin pop, no stick. 99-139 on the riggers, various depths. Kitchen sink got the love.
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    We were out a week ago and all I could get was 6 shaker Chinooks. We also marked fish as shallow as 50 ft but they turned out to be 2 lb Chinooks. We did manage a sole and a baby Halibut but nothing interesting. Fished Rocky Point area mostly.
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    Started out at Grande yesterday and only managed a number of shakers. Not much for bait around. Moved to Entrance and hit one undersize. Headed to the Fingers and got a just under Chinook and a 6 pound wild Coho. Tried some jigging off Snake and got a just under Chinook and lost a nice 7 pound Coho. Went back to Entrance for one last kick at the can. Got a 22 pounder at 260 feet on Herring Aid and lost a decent fish at same depth on Splatterback Hoochie. Not red hot fishing, but a little action.

    Saw a couple Orcas go by Snake with 6 whale boats chasing them.
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  14. Glad to hear someone catch a keeper,mans a nice on at that. Are you fishing 15 lb balls? I tend not to go deeper than about 200-220 as the rigger angle starts getting so shallow I don't think I could be getting much more actual depth.
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    I had 15 on one side and 20 on the other. It is tough fishing that deep and you have to be real careful as the bottom comes up quickly and you need to really make wide turns. This is the first time I fished deeper than 250. When the fish hit you have to real super fast as they swim up. It's not my favorite depth to fish at but at least there was some action.
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    A little late but had good fishing from Clark Rock to Neck Point last Sat. Lots of bait on structure in close. There are some mature fish hanging around there. Seal was a prob but we got a few past him. One was starting to show color. Pink sink and cookies and cream long leaders
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  17. Got into a few keepers tonight off of Snake. Fortunately for the rest of you we didn't manage to land any, so good luck. Anchovies at 120 feet were working.
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    That's good to hear, been tough finding keepers lately. How deep of water were you in?
  19. Fishing tight to the lee side of the reef on the flood.
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    Tough times out there for us lately, been out 4 times in the last couple weeks and can't get past the tiny guys... if you like catching 8 inch fish you better get geared up and get out there asap!

    Anyone doing any better?
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