‘Eco-colonialism’: Rift grows between Indigenous leaders and green activists

Discussion in 'Conservation, Fishery Politics and Management.' started by Birdsnest, Jan 4, 2018.

  1. Birdsnest

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  2. Floater

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    Green activists have shown themselves, generally speaking, to be quite underhanded.

    Green is the new Red.
  3. wildmanyeah

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    Ah you beat me to it birdsnest! what i think is most evident is not all NGO's ideologies are aligned with those of some First Nations. Yet they know getting the First Nations on their said is a huge win against the government.
  4. terrin

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    A different take on her point of view. http://theamericanenergynews.com/markham-on-energy/claudia-cattaneo-sad-state-team-energy-journalism

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