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Flashers....Glow or No?....

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  • Flashers....Glow or No?....

    For you folks who fish 180 and deeper on the ECVI consistently....

    Do you find Glow flashers outfish non-Glow?

    I often get hits on Purple Haze flasher (which is non-glow) and back in the day all I used was plain dark green Hotspot with the chrome sides or same in Chartreuse.

    I' ve also used dark Royal purple/chrome flashers but no glow on them and they work well down deep.

    What say you?

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    I say glow...

    A guide out of Painter's Lodge, I believe his dad was one of the original owners, Said.. " if it dont glow, it dont go" Glow flasher and glow clover leaf hootchies, in 200ft...
    I never forgot that.. and yes we got 3 beauties on the ebb at the light house..

    this guy was a hardcore guide, one of the best ive seen...
    DoverBay Lawn and Garden


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      20ft Alumaweld Intruder


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        I was told by a couple guides now if your deep (175'+) has to be glow flasher and a glow hootchie
        bait or spoons just dont cut it.
        Grady White Gulfstream twin 150's aka "Outaline"


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          No doubt in my mind if your 150 or deeper you increase the numbers using glow.


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            Glow might help, but if salmon can live and feed comfortably at that depth, I'm sure they can find your bait.



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              Glow. No question about it. Especially at first light.
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                Ive also seen guys use a camera flash... to brighten their glow flashers and hootchies before sending them down.. just another trick that might help
                DoverBay Lawn and Garden


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                  If it don't glow don't go..


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                    I have always preferred glo. Glo green was always a goto. Last year bought a bunch of the chartreuse double glo (glo on both sides) and they were red hot! Surprisingly though my last 3 fish have came on an old red with silver sides (non glo) with the bright orangey red stripe.


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                      Yes glow the first hour or 2 of daylight and the last hour or 2 before sunset. During broad daylight a good UV flasher may outfish the glow.