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Halibut fishing today

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  • Halibut fishing today

    Well we beat the weather today and managed to get some halibut quick!!

    48# was the biggest , then we kept 2 small ones . One was 82 cm and weighed 17lbs and the other was 85 cm and 20lbs. the fillets when side by side You could not tell the difference so it will be interesting to see what reg they come up with for transport!

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    Interesting what's your take on the new slot rule re:fish transport - do we have to leave the head & tail intact or will we still be allowed to remove the fillets to transport home? if the later case it will be difficult for the fish cops to measure the size of the Hali.Come to think of it weren't you one of the ones who suggested we move to the slze limit.
    Trev you don't suppose DFO reads our forum posts!
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      Sammy thats why i started this post ! i'm not sure what the regs for transport are going to be.

      I wasn't one of the guys who suggested it at all! It was a question i put out on here! and had nothing to do with it going through. We had two choices 1/1 or 1/2 with the slot you tell me which is better , but thats not what this thread is about!


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        Or leave it is as is and shut down in mid july or august depending on weather, and not work within the current allocation. Dont forget that one.

        Nice fish btw!



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          Great post. I bet the guy that caught the 83cm was just as excited as the other two guys that caught the bigger ones. Many in this forum by the way they talk would have thrown that back. Ya right...


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            2 things....

            #1 the way some of you do talk, you'd think the Halibuts just JUMP right into your boat, one after the other!

            #2 Fished Renfew many times, and nobody, NOBODY brings more meat back to the dock than No Bananas. Trevor, you are a pro at what you do and I have yet to see someone put clients onto fish as consistently as you and your boat. Definitely mixxed emotions when I see you at the dock...excited for all the fish, disappointed that none of them were mine! This guy F'n SLAYS em!

            Good on ya for being one of the few boating em, rather than just talking about them!


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              "Packaging Halibut

              Halibut must be filleted in such a way that skin is left on each fillet.

              Halibut weighing 14 kg. (30 lbs) or less may be cut into four fillets. The four fillets should be packaged and placed in one bag so that one bag would represent one fish.

              For halibut between 14 and 34 kg. (30 and 75 lbs), each fillet may be cut into two pieces. This will result in the fish being cut into a maximum of eight pieces. These pieces should be packaged and numbered in a sequence, e.g., 1 of 8, 2 of 8, 3 of 8 etc. to indicate that eight pieces of halibut represent one fish. Skin must be left on all fillets and pieces.

              For halibut over 34 kg. (75 lbs), each of the four fillets may be cut into four pieces. This will result in your fish being cut into a maximum of 16 pieces. These pieces should be packaged and numbered as outlined above. Remember, skin must be left on all fillets and pieces, and the packages should be labelled and numbered as described above.

              REMEMBER: It is your responsibility to ensure the packaging will allow the species , number, size and weight to be readily determined."


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                River Rat i know all that! i was thinking more along the lines that with the second fish having to be under a certain size i bet they make us leave it whole for measuring! as the fish i caught today were both very close to the slot size one just under and one just over, and no person could ever tell the difference between the two once fillited.


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                  Nice job on the halibut. Makes me want to go right now, but I gotta wait till May.

                  As far as processing and transporting a hali 83 cm or less. Wouldn't it work to fillet the fish and just keep the whole carcass in a seperate package for proof of legal size ???


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                    I don't know how it will matter? There is no way for a FO to tell whether the fish you have with you at the dock or cleaning table is your first fish in possession or your second fish. Your first fish can be as big or small as you want. The slot size is only an issue if you have a two day possession limit and FO's don't have the authority to search/inspect your possession fish, assuming it's packed away somewhere, without a warrant. That's also assuming you don't have your possession fish in your only cooler out on your boat with you or unpack it and wave it around, in which cases the FO's can inspect it. As such, not sure how it'll be beneficial for DFO to put any packaging restrictions on either fish. Also not illegal or unusual to buy or be given fish while on your trip and you can package that and transport it anyway you want. Burden of proof is on the Crown and they'd have to be able to prove that you caught two fish sport angling and are outside of the posted regs. Not sure how they'd endeavour to take that on. I guess we'll see as I wouldn't have thought they'd be crazy enough to adopt the slot limit so I'd say anything's possible.


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                      UkeeDreamin are you postive that Fisheries Officers don't have the right to search your boat, cooler, truck etc. ?

                      Couple years ago just outside of Zeballos the DFO had a roadside check set up. There were pulling over trucks pulling boat trailers. We were waived to pull over. They asked us if we had caught and kept and fush - I said yes of course. The FO then asked us to open the back of my truck, pull out the coolers and open them up. They proceeded to pull out almost half of the fish and checked for species, size and total numbers (and ruined our nice ice packing job while they were at it.

                      So did they have to have a search warrant to do that, or is that part of their regular enforcement powers? I always that other then your house, they can search anywhere on your boat, truck, cooler, and campsite. How much can and what can they search for without a warrant?
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                        Very surprised to hear that. I know the FO personally who had quite a run in with 4 Alberta judges back in the late 90's when DFO regularly did road blocks and road side checks like you describe. As a result of the challenge and fuss they raised over the search, DoJ advice was that such searches require a warrant - same as a police roadside check, they have no right to search your vehicle unless they have intelligence that a crime has been committed and seizure of evidence is time sensitive ... otherwise they need a warrant.

                        If you would have said no to the FO's they would have had no recourse. Still, surprised it happened at all as I know DFO abandoned such things for at least a decade or so. I'm gonna contact him and chat. Just saw him the other night at a retirement party.


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                          In the summer of 2010 we were heading south from port hardy 10km down the road was COs stopping every truck towing a boat. They made us pull all our coolers and remove all the fish so they could count everything. We had no choice and they had no warrant. I think they are with in their rights to do so.


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                            UkeeDreamin They have a couple co roadblocks every year coming out of Renfrew. They usually have the RCMP with them as well.


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                              They (Dfo and rcmp) had a full press roadblock aboout 10 miles north of Campbell river last year and they were going over everyone. Very polite etc. but I don't think I would have refused
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