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Salmon Sausages?

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  • Salmon Sausages?

    So, I was curious to find out if anyone had ever tried to make salmon sausages or pepperoni before? Although I'm sure it would take a bit of experimenting, I'm sure it could be done. With a bit of pork mixed in to add some fat and keep them from drying out too bad, the idea of taking smoked salmon and combining it with smoked sausage doesn't seem that far fetched. Maybe I'm out to lunch, but with all the crazy stuff I see on shows like Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives, Smoked Salmon Sausage just make sense. Anyone?
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    I have tried a salmon sausage was pretty darn good. I am trying to remember where I tried it though??

    It had some great herbs and seasoning added to it...don't recall what the rest of the "filler" was though?


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      I have had salmon pepperoni before and thought I would just stick with regular pepperoni. I was not a fan.

      Hey maybe it would finally be a use for pinks. Grind them up and stuff them into tubes.


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        I have just looked through my sausage making book and also a smoking book and both have extensive sections on making fresh and smoked fish sausage-one book calls for about 10% vegtable shortening the other uses pork fat up to 10% All use corn starch and bread crumbs as the binder. One book is called smoking salmon and trout by Jack whelan-the other is Great sausage recipes by Rytek Kutas. Many pages long-no I haven't tried it but the Whelan book gives lots of options as to spicing and smoking. Try your library- If you haven't got a simple answer by mid week when I am back from fishing I will try and scan it for you. I am technically challenged in this regard.
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          Hardy Bouys in Hardy sells salmon pepperoni, good stuff too!
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