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Mushroom Dehydrating........

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  • Mushroom Dehydrating........

    My wife likes to dry Chanterelle mushrooms. Cuts them into small pieces and then dehydrates..

    Our old stove was really good at could set temp to wherever you liked.

    But now we have a new improved stove.......problem is it's digital and if we're lucky we might be able to get the lowest temp setting at about 130farenheit...or 137 or something.

    Also the light stays on when you crack the door a tad...unlike the old stove.

    Is 130 or 137 too hot for slow dehydrating?

    We considered buying a dehydrator.........and we like the pro model from Nesco....holds a ton trays and has fan plus temp setting.

    But we don't like that the fan is going to make a crapload of noise....unless I put the whole unit in the basement to work. For some I don't like the idea of all that moisture floating around the basement. Maybe that is an imaginary fear....

    So...if our new stove proves to be no good at drying mushrooms.........what dehydrator would you recommend?

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    I use the Nesco snackmaster one and its not all that noisy, I mean you could stand right beside it and have a normal conversation.
    its by no means a high speed fan only a circulatory one, I have i think 10 trays going at once
    I make ground beef jerky in it and set it up ontop of the fridge usually and have forgotton about it a few times cause it does tend to be quiet
    Grady White Gulfstream twin 150's aka "Outaline"


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      Nothing beats a Excalibur Dehydrator just Google them and you will see.


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        I crank mine up to 300. extract the liquid out of them draining that beautiful juice out of them. then just keep turning them they dry out to a nice walnut color make sure you spray the pan with "pam" as they will stick after a bit. then freeze on the pan and bag after frozen . personally had a dehydrator they would do too good of a job and get way too small this way here i personally think is better and they still retain some shape and flavor

        Then with all that juice that comes out ill make a homemade mushroom soup with wihite wine garlic/onions/celery VERY VERY good and freeze in packs enough for 2 later.....

        good luck Wolf
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