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    For Immediate Release:
    Zero Tolerance on Gun Control Abuses

    Canada’s National Firearms Association announces Operation Zero Tolerance to expose planned gun control abuses. It has come to the attention of Canada's National Firearms Association that the political police chief heads of law enforcement associations are planning a nation wide blitz against licensed firearms owners, as retribution for the political action of the Canadian firearms community that has resulted in the final vote in parliament of Manitoba MP Candice Hoeppner's Bill C-391.

    The Canadian Association of Police Chiefs (CAPC) has formed a "National Firearms Policy" in order to coordinate enforcement initiatives against licensed firearms owners with registered firearms. Canada's National Firearms Association has information that CACP will be directing their members to clamp down on licensed firearms owners with registered firearms as punishment for their political action to reform bad firearms control laws.

    * All paperwork offenses will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law, despite the current limited federal government amnesty which ends in May 2011.

    * Home inspections will be performed on an ever increasing basis on firearms owners with more than ten registered firearms, and all restricted and prohibited firearms owners.

    * Registered firearms will be seized despite their legal use or status, with the onus put on their owners to navigate the firearms bureaucracy and legal system in order to retrieve them. Furthermore, CACP will lobby for a national handgun ban, the confiscation of all registered handguns in Canada, and the reclassification of all semi automatic firearms as "Restricted" or "Prohibited" firearms.

    CACP lobbyist Bill Blair's record as Chief of the Toronto Police Service is an indication of the treatment by law enforcement he wishes to impose on all Canadians. As Chief of Police, Bill Blair ordered Toronto Police Service to target senior citizens and confiscate their firearms for paperwork offenses, and conduct a campaign of harassment against anyone with a firearms license and a registered firearm.

    Canada's National Firearms Association advises all firearms owners:

    *Check the expiration date on your firearms license, and make sure it is valid. Allowing a firearms license to expire is a criminal offense subject to criminal code punishment, especially if you own restricted or grandfathered prohibited firearms. Allowing a firearms license to expire may result in the loss of your grandfathering privileges.

    *Check your current firearms storage system. Read the Firearms Act and ensure that your firearms storage system complies or exceeds safe storage regulations.

    *Review your current firearms transportation methods and check the expiration date on your authorizations to transport firearms in the case of restricted firearms and prohibited handguns. Make sure you are in full compliance or better with firearms transportation regulations.

    *Contact the Canada Firearms Centre and ensure that your firearms registration records are complete and accurate. Make sure all of your transfers and acquisitions have been recorded correctly. If they are not, you will be held accountable, not the Canada Firearms Centre.

    IF YOU HAVE BEEN TARGETED AND CHARGED UNDER THE POLITICAL POLICE CHIEF'S GUN BLITZ, CONTACT CANADA'S NATIONAL FIREARMS ASSOCIATION AT (877) 818-0393 or email us at addresses below. Each incident will be catalogued and brought to the attention of the Minister of Public Safety of Canada, to demonstrate the gun control agenda of the political police.

    For more information contact:

    Blair Hagen, Executive VP Communications

    Sheldon Clare, President

    Canada’s NFA toll-free number: 1-877-818-0393

    Jim's Fishing Charters

    Jim's Fishing Charters (Retired)


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    True police state. They now show their agenda.

    I have been told my signature is too old, anybody have one I could use?


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      What another waste of our tax dollars[V]!!! Home inspections??? How much are all the warrants going to cost???. They can NOT come into your home without a warrant. Total political BS[xx(].

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