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  • first fishing alaska/canada

    Hi guys,

    I'm Maarten from the Netherlands and this summer i have planned a go on a bike trip across North America. I will leave Anchorage on july the 1st and hoping to be in Vancouver some 3 months later. To keep the cycling fun i want to swap the bike for a rod from time to time. I fish do quite a lot here in europe but i have no idea what i can expect in Canada.

    I'm thinking of buying a 10ft telescopic casting rod and some lures, and mainly fish from the shores. This since i'm not verry famliliar with fly fishing at the moment.
    Could you guys help me out on wich rod and lures i will be needing? Also what kind of fish can i expect? is it possible to do some nice fishing from the shores and what kind of permits are requierd?

    My route goes from Achonarge, fairbanks, dawson, watson lake, prince rupert, vancouver island......if somebody wants to share some nice spots allong that route please let me know

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    Hi Maarten,

    I know some great spots from Watson Lake down to Dease Lake, send me a PM please. (I think you have to have a few more posts before you can do that)




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      just about every little lake and or creek in BC from Alaska on down, have fish. I worked in the exploration industry and camped in areas all over BC. You can definetly catch fish from the bank with a decent portable rod a spoon and a spinner or two. I always liked mepps spinners (with the red feather) for trout//greyling, and red devil or murphys 5 of diamonds for pike and trout. (I am an eastern boy and these are the main go to "all around" lures there!"
      Enjoy your trip. Sounds like and amazing adventure.


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        Thanks for the info! I am really looking forward to do some fishing during my trip.

        The plan is ride Stewart-Cassiar Hwy, and as far as i'm hearing i definitely must be able to catch a few allong that route.


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          Get a few different sizes of orange/pink pixies. Sports shops in Alaska and Yukon will know what they are.
          Work is for people who don't know how to fish